Sunday, April 25, 2010

Devilled prawn heads!!!

I always thought that The Beach Wadiya restaurant was highly over rated and had not visited it for many years and had not visited it for many years. Also I think they cheat their customers. But I thought things might have changed over time and decided to visit it after nearly a fourteen year gap last night. Sadly to my amazement nothing had changed. It is still tacky and over priced and the food average and worse of all they still cheat people.

Of course this time we were not billed for more drinks than we consumed. But they do something which reminded me once again why I do not frequent that place.

We ordered some devilled prawns and one third of the dish was only the head of the prawn without the body. Since this is a regular occurrence at this place I thought I will place the prawn heads in a separate dish and take a picture to share with the blogspehere. As you can see for yourself it is quite a lot.

When we got the bill I realized that we could have enjoyed a better meal in the 5 star ambiance of the Lagoon for a similar price. Well guess they wont be seeing me their for another decade.


Sigma Delta said...

It is indeed a pity that The Beach Wadia tends to sit upon its laurels from a time long gone. My own experiences there have certainly not been anything to write home about, truth is there are far more better places than this offering spectacular cuisine at prices that don't stun

Dee said...

IT IS Overrated! We were billed 3 kang kung at an exorbitant price once. And we only ordered one. Always check the bill there! Btw, I had a prawns at Barefoot on Sunday, delish!!!