Monday, April 19, 2010

Moved to tears by a movie...

I confess I am a big marshmellow most of the time. Yes I cried at the ending of titanic. But the last thing I expected to be was moved to tears watching Sandra Bullock. Of course this could be one of those dreary puns we advertising people are prone to spout at the most unexpected moment and I could tell you that it was tears of joy. After all she has been acting in a few comedies hasnt she? hasnt she? The movie that moved me so much was "The Blind Side".
The amazing thing is that it is not a great movie it is mediocre at the most as a review i read put it "Whether you love it or hate it, you respect it for what it is: A well-made version of a story worth telling that does nothing extraordinary, but does everything well enough to open itself to a massive audience of women, sports fans and more." My words exactly but I still loved it and cant wait till I see it once more.
What really impressed me was the simple act of unselfish kindess the lead charachter showed to a boy who many would have thought would have robbed the house and raped all the women in it. See even I am guilty of racial stereo typing. Also Sandra Bollocks acting in the movie was not over done in fact I would call it slightly restrained and that was what I admired the most. Even though I winced when I originally heard that Sandra Bullock had won best actress now I have nothinng but sheer respect for the panel of judges who saw the talent required to play chose to bestow this award on her.
What was most amazing was that this entire film was based on a true story. And that really blows my mind that in this world full of unfairness and injustice there are a few people who still care about others and can give unconditionally. If you havent watched the movie yet it is time to watch it.


Dee said...

aw cheesebalL! :D I wanna watch this!!

Lady divine said...

watched it and loved it