Friday, February 5, 2016

What should have been the most popular TED talk ever

I could also have titled this post "the most uninspiring TED talk title in history" and that too would have been quite accurate. But this TED talk addresses a problem virtually everyone I know is faced with. Not being able to focus or Mind wandering. Remember reading a book and then realizing that you cannot remember what it was that you read? Sounds familiar. Not only does he outline the problem but he goes where many other TED presenters rarely do: which is giving simple practical solutions to becoming more focused.
This talk is as life changing as the Amy Cuddy talk titled "Your Body Language shapes who you are". However this has only 23,000 views unlike the millions of views generated by Cuddy's talk.
Firstly it could be because that this is a TEDx talk which is technically a TED franchise. More importantly it could be because of the complete lack of sizzle in the title. But then this guy is a Professor of Medicine at the famous Mayo Clinic in charge of resilient living. You really don't expect him to have the marketing muscle to come up with a snazzy title. But I sure wish he had someone to help him craft a better one as he sure has something very important and interesting to say. Let me end my piece with one of the quotes which remain etched in my mind and hope that it intrigues you enough to click play.
"Science is nothing but the systematic study of spirituality".

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