Sunday, January 31, 2016

Desperately seeking....

"I have never loved anyone as much as I loved him" she says. 

I scratch myself wondering how to respond?

This is not the first time I have heard her say this. 

And I doubt this is not the last. 

How can someone fall in love with someone you have never met?

Whose just an image on a computer screen? 

Yes you talk to that person. You spend time. You share emotions. 

But a hug is just an emoticon. And a touch is something you can only dream of. 

Then I suddenly realise I should not be too critical of her. 

Because I too have been in a similar situation. 

An emotional connection with someone who there was never a chance of meeting. 

Fortunately I did not let it destroy me. 

Sadly that is not what I see. 

All I can see is a desperate lonely soul. Drowning in a sea of misery created by longing.

Clutching at every straw of affection thrown at her. 

Hoping to save herself....

Sadly she will not listen when I say happiness is within and not without.

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