Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Bloody Peasants!
This was the comment made on a fb post I had shared where Derana made an apology for criticizing Kishani Jayasinghe on singing "Danno Budunge" in an operatic style.
I resented that comment.
As much as I resented all the negative comments made about the performance.
Because this, along with most of the other comments supporting the performance reeked of - a false - sense of superiority. A "my tastes are far more refined than yours" kind of haughtiness. Which I found unpalatable.
But it did get me thinking.
This was a national celebration, with a nation-wide audience, telecast live on national TV? Not a concert for the Colombo elite in a small intimate surrounding.
And the question which begs to be asked is did those who put together the show think about the audience when doing so?
To me the first priority when planning a celebration is to focus on what would please the audience? What would thrill them? What would they appreciate?
Not to get them to try and appreciate what I think is good and then cry foul when people don't do so.
My question to all those people who are shouting about casting pearls before swine is this?
Wouldn't you have to be an absolute fool to do so?

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