Sunday, February 28, 2016


"I have prayed about this" she says looking at me defiantly!
"Oh!" I say doing my level best to keep my face dead pan knowing very well that with those few words our discussion has reached a stale mate situation.
We are having a conversation about a communication plan for an event. A task which she is not capable of handling as she has not done anything similar ever before. But she is not willing to consider the roll out plan I am recommending. And there is nothing I can do because who can argue with "this is what God has laid on my heart".
Of course the turnout at the event was not as high as they expected. But then again it is shrugged off as "Gods Will".
I am a believing Christian. Though not one of the Bible thumping holier than thou art rabid kind. But I do encounter them a lot. And over the years I have realized that 99% of them are just normal people just like us. Bitchy. Argumentative. Horny. Jealous. Jumping into conclusions and revengeful as well. But most of them cloak their negative actions in what I would like to call "God Speak".
Being rude and hurtful is saying it with love and truthfulness.
Being stubborn and obstinate is carrying out God's wishes.
If something is not going the way they want it is the work of the enemy or a spiritual attack.
And if it is an argument which they can't win of course it is earthly wisdom.
Ultimately it is the same shit in a more holier saucer.

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