Saturday, February 6, 2016

Validation Queen

"I don't eat fruits, or potatoes or pork or chicken and very" she said to no one in particular.
30 heads looked up in surprise around the breakfast table.
A few, exchanging knowing glances. Which read a desperate "Oh no!"
"I always try to eat organic, and try to eat healthy" she continued.
Now there is nothing wrong in sharing your lifestyle choices among friends.
But not among 30 strangers who were seated for a networking breakfast before starting a life realignment workshop.
Right throughout the workshop this continued.
She interrupted the lecturer constantly.
We knew how she started her morning.
We knew how she treated her work colleagues
We knew how she went about her day...
In fact we knew far more than we wanted to.
Sadly not what we came to learn....
And as she started going off on a tangent once again my eyes met with the person who was seated behind her. Who raised her eyes in exasperation and mouthed "Validation Queen!"