Monday, October 29, 2012

The art of doing nothing!

I did not realize this was an art till quite recently. 
We had gone out to the jungles with a group of friends for a couple of days. There was also a lady from overseas among us. Each time there was a pause in the conversation and everyone was enjoying a quiet moment she would suggest that we all do something like a game or talk about a certain topic or some other kind of activity which involved words . Anything other than just enjoy the stillness and sounds of the glorious nature which surrounded us. It seemed that this person was afraid of quietness and of simply doing nothing.  Something us Sri Lankans are quite familiar with I guess. Later we realized that it was a very European trait where every aspect of their lives are planned to a fault. She was telling us that some of her friends know where and when they would be going on vacation three years in advance.  Now that’s what I call planning. But do I want to live like that. No way in hell.

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santhoshi said...

I think the best kind of holiday would be where we have to do absolutely nothing