Monday, October 15, 2012

The unexpected expected!

I agree it is a confusing heading but trust me this has not been written merely to garner your attention. In fact there is a lot of meaning behind this seemingly mysterious header.
 I must confess I write this post with much trepidation because I know I will be castigated by many since what I am writing about is against the tide of public opinion. Of course I am talking about the recently concluded production of Evita by the workshop players.
It was good as expected. But I expected more. There I said it. (Looks around surreptitiously to see if stones are being cast at me)
Guess that’s what happens when you continuously keep raising the bar as the workshop players seem to have done at least with every one of their productions I have attended. No I have not attended all of them. But the few I have been to have bowled me over and left me gasping for breath.
Guess this time too when I walked into the Lionel Wendt Theatre I was expecting to be bowled over. Sadly that did not happen. That does not mean it was a bad production by any means. Jerome is a wonderful director and Evita played by Dilrukshi Fonseka mesmerized us with her powerful voice. But amidst the applause when the curtain came down deep down inside me I felt something was lacking. Don’t ask me what it is because I can’t put my finger on it. But still I was expecting the unexpected but what I got was the expected. Guess in a way that was unexpected. :)


santhoshi said...

Haha Cj I heard some whisper the same comments!I couldnt get tickets it was sold out.

Dauna said...

I agree with you. I felt the same. No doubt it was a good show but it just didn't have that extra magic.