Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heavenly Showers…

At the risk of being ridiculed and being cast as a bit of a sissy I must confess that I have an infatuation with bath gels and soaps. Let me loose in a body shop outlet and I can keep myself occupied happily for a couple of hours.
 I never thought our local products came up to much till I happened to walk into the Spa Ceylon outlet at Crescat to buy a wedding gift to a certain fellow blogger. Suddenly I started taking note of their bath products and got two which I thought was extremely interesting. One was a combination of aloe vera and mint whilst the other was margosa and lime. I tried the Alo vera and mint shower gel and the only way to describe it is by screaming out “OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!” in a very gay Carrie Bradshaw manner. It was absolutely divine.  In fact it felt so good that it was sinful. My entire skin was tingling after using it. I felt so refreshed and alive that I had to try the sample bottle of neroli jasmine hair cleanser which I had been hesitating to use all this time. Well it was equally as divine.
I am so thrilled and overjoyed about my discovery.
All this time I had to spend through my nose to get down or purchase good quality bath products from abroad but now it seems that equally good (or even better) quality products are within arms reach of desire at a far more affordable price. Who could ask for more? 

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lady grouch-a-lot said...

Ooooh! Really? I have turned these products in my hands time and time again in an eternal debate whether to get them or not, ultimately settling for something else. I don't like to be disappointed in my shower gels you see. But you have managed to convince me. Definitely going for it next time!