Monday, February 13, 2012

unceremoniously screwed at a ceremony...

By the creations of my own industry I might add.
Sadly corporate obligations required me to attend the POP awards which was held at Waters Edge recently. As expected it was a long winded and an absolutely boring show. But to add insult to injury the orgaizers of the show decided to ravage every one with commercial breaks. Just like on television. But longer. Some as long as twenty minutes. At least that is how long it felt. You could classify those in the audience as part of the corporate glitterati. And by blasting them with creations which you have developed for a mass audience you are insulting their intelligence. This is something that the sponsors of this function did not realize. Infact they kept bombarding the audience with their commercials repeatedly. For instance first they would play commercials as the main sponsors. Then the same commercial would be played the second and the third time as various title sponsors. It was sheer madness on display and a sure fire way of enstranging a high yeild audience. I have never bought kik cola and now after being force fed their commercials my resolve to never buy it again has increased.
Bombarding high profile audiences with commercials is a malady I have come across at many corporate functions. Though the POP organizers took it to a new low. What is tragic is this was organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing. An industry whose entire focus is understanding the consumer and catering to its needs. One things for sure they sure did not understand what this audience wanted. When will people learn?


GG said...

hmmm.... yeah ironic that.
I think that such functions should be made commercial free, lifts the quality of the event. And just mentioning the sponsors on a big banner somewhere leaves a more lasting memory I think.

Delilah said...

omg yeah! was bored to tears. saw you there btw but was in too much of a rush to leave so i couldnt say hello.