Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tablet Woes or left with my own device(s)

Yes I too joined the herd and decided to treat myself to a tablet. After much thought, consideration and weighing of pros and cons I settled for a Samsung Galaxy Tab with the ten inch screen. Instead of an ipad I might add. As to the reasons why I did so merits another separate post I guess.
Till I got it I thought this device was going to change my life. But I was sadly dissapointed.
Not that the tablet was of bad quality. It was excellent and performed upto expectation. But as far as I was concerned it was just an extra device to lug all over the place with me. The brutal reality was that my trusty Black Berry gave me all the mobile computing power I needed. I use it for mails. I read books on it. I write on it. For instance this article is being tapped away on it right now. And I facebook on it. And typing on a touch screen key board ain't that much fun either. I did invest in a keypad which connects via Bluetooth to the tab but that too was not responding as well as the normal keyboard I am used to.
Other than for the fact that the larger screen enabled me to view the visuals mailed for my comments more easily without straining my eyes when I was out of office or travelling it was a 100,000 rupee mistake.
Within a couple of days my tab was sitting on a shelf in my office gathering dust. I sometimes remembered to pick it up when leaving for meetings. I must confess most of the time I was too rushed. And my tab was literally becoming part of the furniture.
Till now.
I found this cool ap at the Android market called Tune in. Which aggregates (is that the word?) radio channels all across the world. And suddenly I had access to the widest variety of entertainment one could dream of. Not only a plethora of music channels of all geners and ages. But a variety of subjects such as sports, business, comedy selfmotivation pod casts etc. Whatever I wanted to listen to there was an option. And joy of joys it can be connected to my vehicle sound system via blue tooth. And now I can drive around where ever I want whilst listening to the best music available. This is really great for me since most of the transmissions of the radio channels I listen to tend to fadeaway the moment I drive out of Colombo. And I do go out of Colombo frequently. I am yet to test this hypothesis as I am yet to head out of town after making this discovery. I am hoping that the data coverage of Etisalat is as good as it is in the city. When I bought my tab the sales executive at the Dialog Arcade said that Etisalat is the best for streaming media. He works for the Phone company and not Dialog by the way - just in case you categorise him as a Judas. A truer word has not been spoken. I am happy with my Etisalat data experience. Please note that I said happy and not overjoyed. But guess it is the better of the bad guys. Infact one day I was trying to watch a youtube video using my Dialog dongle but it was just not bufferring. However when I tried loading the identical video on my tab it loaded smoothly.
So Kudos to Etisalat for walking the talk. A little bird tells me it is actually Bell who provides the backend internet connectivity to Etisalat via the FLAG submarine cable.
I have also found that the tab is a great companion when spending time on a treadmill at the gym. I can watch movies and stuff and somehow time tends to pass faster when you are occupied this way.
Phew I am heaving a huge sigh of relief that my little aquisition did not turn out to be an expensive mistake after all.

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