Monday, February 13, 2012

The shame of shame.

Apparently many females who were caught in the flash floods of the tsunami let go of the hands of their male rescuers when they realized that the gushing waters had washed their clothes off and that they were naked. They preferred death rather than have their modesty outraged.
This was told to me by "U" whilst we were having a chat the other day. She had come across at least seven people who had this kind of experience and says this is one of those facts which are spoken about in whispers in the NGO forums. This begs the question is there something called too much modesty? After all in the original plan of things humans were animals that roamed about naked. Even if you dig a littl bit in to the history of our country we were a people who were more scantily dressed. And it was the missionaries who imposed their values on us by getting us to dress in the manner we do today.


Angel said...

I think in order to get a real insight we need to ask those ladies, but sadly it is not possible.

My speculation is that they may have feared rape or similar violence. When you watch the video of how a young woman was pulled from the waves only to have her chained snatched and pushed back to certain death, it does not seem that improbable.

GG said...

Ditto that missionaries imposing the Victorian dress codes, and now they've moved on and we are still holding on to the old thinking.

Anyway, it's sad that if it's true, but in a way I can understand their mentality. It's very unfortunate.