Monday, February 6, 2012

Pull you through - John Taylor

I was watching the third episode of Californication season 05 online when I heard the strains of this song in the background towards the ending. Listening to it sent shivers down my spine. I don't know why but something about this song really touches me. Maybe it reflects my current emotional state. I did feature it on my previous post which says a lot. Maybe it is the voice and maybe it is the lyrics or all of the above. But I do think it warrants a post of its own where the lyrics are featured. And as I copy and paste the song writers tireless efforts I lift my hat to those behind showtime entertainment who happen to be the producers of Californication and bow down. I just love the way you do your thing gentlemen!

 Pull you through - John Taylor 
 Just reach out your hand [and] I will pull you through,
 [And] at the other end I'll be waiting there for you.
You are not alone; you are not alone.
If there's anything that I can do.*
When there's nothing left but tears and emptiness
And the way you feel has never been so cold
You will find a way to fight another day
And though you know the weather will be fine
For you Just reach out ...
When things settle down, you get back on your feet
You know that only the strong survive
You will face the day in that same old way
Don't you know the weather will be fine For you Just reach out ...

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