Tuesday, February 7, 2012

400- a significantly insignificant number

Yes 400!
Wow 400!
I suddenly realized that this is my 400th post.
If not for the fact that every time you sign into blogger it opens onto an overview of all your statistics this significant event would have gone unnoticed by me. Even though I use the word significant loosely. In the larger scheme of things this blog is just a drop in the ocean of millions of similar pages. I doubt what I have said has changed the world or even made a dent on it.
But this is a significant event for me.
Because I never thought I would keep blogging this long.
I had even deleted this blog once. But fortunately blogger keeps your blog inactive for six months before deleting it completely giving one the chance to change his mind. And I am thankful that I did change my mind.
I started this blog hoping this would function as a tool which would help me to write more lucidly. I always had found it tough to write. Every time I got ready to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard as the case maybe I would get stuck. My mind would be blank. Some call it writers block. But in my case a more appropriate term would be "constipation". After much stuttering a few words would trickle out. But the trickle never turned into a gush which poured out effortlessly.
I also am a very private person who never let anyone know what is going on inside me. I assume this too contributed to my block.
However today I don't have the same problems as I did before. Words flow out of my mind with less resistance than before. And when I look back at some of the things I have revealed of my inner thoughts it surprises even me.
I do not pretend to be a perfect human being. In fact I am completely the opposite. But I sincerely hope that my words can inspire someone or at least help them learn from my mistakes. This blog is not about theory but it is full of practical examples of the ups and downs of real life.
It is also significant because I have found at least one person I call a friend thanks to this blog. Also I have got to know a handful of other bloggers. Though I don't know them personally I consider them kindred spirits.
To paraphrase the words of Neil Armstrong this 400th post is a giant step for me but a small step for mankind.
Thank you for reading everyone and helping me to call myself a blogger.


Lady divine said...

wow! congrats!!! 400...that's a LOT CJ...:-)

It's awesome having you around and your blog is one of my regular reads.. so keep going...:)

Here's to many many many more! :)

We love you!

cj said...

Awww thank you LD I am touched by your kind words and love. I really appreciate it.

Scrumps said...

Wow! 400 posts! You are one of my favourite bloggers. I love the little anecdotes you put up and your posts always seem to make me smile.

Thank you for allowing us to share your experiences with you.

santhoshi said...

Heres to you reaching a 1000!

santhoshi said...
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GG said...

Whoa! Congrats!!
The constipation seems to be a thing of the past now, :-D
Here's to the future! Cheers!

cj said...

Santhoshi thank you!
Scrumpy thank you for your comment too but I don't see it anymore
GG thank you!Yes you are right I do believe constipation is a thing of the past I just hope I will not get diarrhea :)