Monday, October 3, 2011

Conversations with confused: The season of reason

“They say people come into our life for a reason and for a season” confused tells me.
“We need to welcome them with open arms but more importantly need to let them go without clutching at them when it is time to depart.”
“Sadly that's a problem I am having trouble with. It seems I can't let go. I am clutching desperately. Like a drowning man reaching for a blade of grass”.
“So much so I am beginning to be sick of myself.”
“Maybe because she came to me just like a wounded bird. A bird, that I had to pick up and care for nd make strong. Who was helpless and would not have survived without me.  I cared and I protected and I watched her heal. Regain the strength bit by bit. Yes, I admit I have become attached to her. Maybe the act of caring for her gave me meaning to my life gave me a sense of worth. But now the wounds have healed and she is ready to fly away.
“Gosh I wish I did not feel this way. Wish God had given me a thick skin where I did not feel anything or made me blind to the little cracks which seem to appear as large as the Grand Canyon to me.”
“I don’t think even she knows the transformation which is taking place in her”. But I know for a fact that it is the beginning of the end.”


Lady divine said...
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DDadman said...

Wow heady stuff CJ. Nice.

Chavie said...

Wow. This conversation is so similar to the situation which one of my friends is in. :S

In my case, it was the sad story of someone who's leaving a person who obviously cares for them looking for romantic adventure, when real love had already found them. :/