Friday, September 30, 2011

Lie about the truth? Tell the truth about the lie?

One of my friends cum colleagues has also taken upon himself that he needs to serve the people and therefore has decided to contest in the local elections. I was waxing eloquent about how wonderful it would be to have someone with private sector thinking in power in the municipal councils to some of my colleagues when someone said something which was like dropping a bomb. Quite literally!
“If anyone knew how he conducts his business they would never vote for him”
How true it was. It was easy for me criticize politicians failing to see the evidence right before my eyes. It seems quite hypocritical now.
The truth is he ran his business in a terrible manner. Unorganized Unplanned Unprepared and Uninformed could be described as his management philosophy. To this date I am surprised how his company manages to make profits. If he can run a company so badly I would hate to imagine what he would do in the municipal council. Now I am supposed to go and canvass votes for him something I loathe to do because I know I will be lying. But then I really can’t go out in to the world and share the truth can I???


Jack Point said...

Will he find out if you did not do any work?

Will it matter?

If the answer to either of the above is "yes", forget it.

cj said...

Hi JP my support to him was limited to helping him to develop his communication though nothing much came out of it. But amazingly he has enough people going out and canvassing for him which I found absolutely amazing. I was completely taken aback when I heard that a highly respected lady from our area who was not only a successful businesswoman but also the wife of a popular cricketer of yesteryear was going campaigning for him through house to house visits. Guess she is a better friend than I am.