Sunday, October 23, 2011

More conversations with confused: The parting

Confused sits in front of me. Stares at me desperately and says:
“It happened.
We decided to part.
It hurts. No it hurts terribly.
One part of me screams go bring her back
Fight for her
But logic raises its ugly head
For what it asks?
So that you can have another fight?
Another argument over something trivial?
Because we are both frustrated at what could have been…
We have seen what heaven might be like
Even though it was through a thick impenetrable glass pane
So the logical part of me dictates to my heart
and I am doing my level best to ensure that we remain apart
Because in the end it is the best for her.
Because I still care for her
After all what can I offer her?
A secret visit?
A quiet journey far away
Away from the eyes of the public
I got too many responsibilities
Too many commitments
I can’t even go out with her
Hold her hand and go for a walk or dance with her
Be there with her when a new year dawns
I just wish fate had not been so cruel and decided to connect us
Just for a few moments… instead of a lifetime.
Yet I am grateful
For the brief moments we shared
For the gentleness that I experienced
For a brief glimpse of true happiness.


Lady divine said...

everything happens for a reason is what they say... and then it leads to many debates about the 'reason'.... don't you think?

really sad.. but love the way you've ended the post... something I need to learn to do and think about...

cj said...

Lady D I couldn't agree with you more. Guess in the end it is only the memories that remain :)

Anonymous said...

Oh too?
We should go get our horoscopes checked I think..
This is some time that we're going through..