Sunday, October 23, 2011

A rant about prostitution

This was originally a comment to a post by Lady Divine here. But it became so long winded and serious I thought I might as well post it on my blog instead of venting on her page which would be uncool to say the least.
I always find it incredibly sad how people look down on "Prostitution" and have so much negative attitude towards them. In my experience most of the time it is the females who look down on other female prostitutes the most. I do not know why that is? In fact I think it is downright cruel. I personally feel that a female would have empathized more.  I think I would feel sad if I know someone who has to go down that route because that would mean he/she would be in a desperate predicament. But I would also admire that person’s determination, courage and strength and Love. Yes Love! Because I know it is not easy and you would have to really care for someone to lay down your dignity for them.  At least they make some money out of when there are thousands of others who have to "Sleep" with their spouses for free; not because they want to but because they feel obliged to.


PP said...

they should just legalise it, or decriminalise it. then it gives them rights and protection.

Jack Point said...

I'll second PP's comment.

GG said...

I maybe wrong, but I think part of the reason that women specifically look down upon prostitutes is because they've been told from an early stage that it's 'immoral' and 'bad'. Probably as a precautionary (unconscious) measure to warn them against going in to the trade. So as they grow up they blindly hold on to the ideas.
I agree with PP on de-criminalising it. Locking up prostitutes is like victimising the victim.