Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cat fights :(

Why do seemingly normal people turn out into absolute bitches when confronted with a member of the same sex who they consider a threat?
Well guess it is a Million Dollar question which no one has found the answer to yet? And I doubt they will do so in the future.
But I faced a situation the other day where two ladies who I work with pretty closely fought like absolute cats. Even though this fight was a nonphysical one – it was done via email – one could sense the viciousness and hatred emanating from this exchange. And when probed it seems the main cause of it is due to jealousy. Each person is jealous of the other and the worst part is I am stuck between the two trying to balance everything. Trust me this is no easy task. It was started by the office bully S who over reacted to a simple email by K and then boy didn't the fireworks start to flow. But in the end it was K who I felt sorry for because she did not realize that S was manipulating her to react in that manner. 
What they say about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is absolutely true.


Lady divine said...

aahh.. I can imagine how crappy it must be to be stuck in the middle of it..

Usual triggers for these are jealousy, insecurity issues etc...

Happens. Sometimes for a woman, it's easier to work with men than other women. :)

Sad part is there are woman who jump at these and get activated when all they're supposed to do is logically/rationally think about it and just let go or calm the hell down.

Angel said...

Haiyoo... I so totally know what you're talking about!