Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The oxymoronic definition of “Alms Giving”

An eating experience where you enjoy great local food whilst putting on a sad face.

I am not ashamed to say that’s what I did this Sunday when I went for a good old “dhane”. I did try hard to refrain from moaning (too) ecstatically as I stuffed myself with some of my perennial favourite dishes like polos curry, capsicum stuffed, brinjal Pahi and accharu which was absolutely awesome. The spread was lavish and had been catered for approximately Rs 150 per person. The cost did not include dessert or fish or meats which was prepared at home. But still isn’t that a great bargain. However in the evening I was suffering and feeling bloated and then I realized the food was heavily laced with MSG. No wonder if was so tasty. But downing a couple of bottles of water I live to tell the tale and still consider it a worthwhile experience MSG or not.

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