Sunday, September 18, 2011

A salute to the staff of the lagoon

I love dining at the lagoon. In fact I guess it has become my favourite restaurant. Not only because the food is outstanding but also because the service is as good. I was there the other day and once again was delighted to see that the service levels have not deteriorated. I am a firm believer that it is the little things which make a big difference. And even in this instance it were those tiny insignificant acts which made our experience so memorable and worthy of a post in me blog. Also it reiterated the fact that we had made the right choice when deciding on this location.
Initially we were seated outside and I ordered a pack of ciggerrets since I had left mine in the vehicle. However it started raining the moment the fags arrived and we had to move inside into an area which was non smoking. I asked them "IF" I could return them since I didn't need them anymore. And of course they obliged without a fuss. I am sure it would have been an ordeal to get the item removed from the bill with their electronic systems that's why I appreciate this gesture very much. Even when we wanted to move to a table in a quieter area which was reserved once again they were happy to accomodate our request. And then came the final act of kindness which was the icing on the cake. I was dining with a friend whose wife was kind of stressed out because he was spending too much time working. So he asked if he could have some of those complimentary mint chocolates which they bring to the table to take home for her cos she loves them. The waiter actually gave him an enitre little tub the size of a yoghurt container filled to the brim with these chocolates. Now you might think a little tub was not that many but it was much more than we were expecting and it was done so spontaneously we were both overjoyed. It was the perfect ending to a delicious meal. Yes the food was amazing specially the fried calamari with tamarind sauce. So here I am ending my post by tipping my hat (with words) to the staff of the lagoon "thank you my friends for all your kindness keep the good work up"! Because I will be back sooner than later to experience your generosity once more.


Lady divine said...


You're right. It's the little things that make a bug difference. You don't get a lot of places that was so accommodating and helpful and kind.:)

Cheers to Lagoon!

Angel said...

Never been there as am not a seafood fan. But the service does sound really good, and may just check it out!

Jack Point said...

That is good service. Have not been there in a while, what are the prices like now?

cj said...

LD: I think it is their management philosophy that empowers the staff to go out of their way. I hear the director in charge of the hotel is a really dynamic guy and all there hotels have had a new lease of life after he came on board

Angel: If you are not a sea food fan there is not that much choice for you. I once was a very bad host and took a vegetarian there for lunch by mistake. I was really embarrassed about the lack of choice and to add insult to misery they did not know what paneer was and brought curd since he tried to explain to them it was a form of curd. Well at least they were kind enough to try to make my guest happy.

Jack it certainly is not cheap, in fact I would say it is one of the more expensive restaurants in town. I think the prices are the same as Beach Wadiya but the quality of the food, ambiance and service is miles ahead making it great value for money.