Sunday, October 24, 2010

A classic case of too much business!

I always thought I cut an imposing figure but it seems sometimes their seems to be a mismatch between what we think and how others perceive it. As was aptly displayed when I stepped into Fresh Fish to get my weekly dose of sea food. I was completely ignored by the service staff behind the counter. Either they were blind or I was invisible. Well it has to be the latter because they were seeing all the other customers who came in after me well enough to serve them.
I waited and waited for about twenty minutes and then left in a huff thinking to myself that I was going to take my business elsewhere. But oh the shame of it! I realized there was nowhere else I could take my business to. The lure of the large prawns were too tempting. I swallowed my pride and went back in and complained to the sales supervisor and got someone to serve me. But even after I was served it took a good 20 - 30 minutes to get my order to the check out counter because I had to get one fish cleaned and sliced. Generally the clean the prawns and give but apparently they did not have enough people to do so. This is with over ten people behind the counter plus supervisors who look after customer welfare. Somehow I don't think there were more than 20 customers to be served at any given point. If you look at the numbers there shouldn't have been any problem in servicing all the customers without a problem. But it seemed that they lacked a proper system. I must say now I have new respect for the Keells Super guys who carry out a much larger operation with a similar staff.

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