Monday, October 4, 2010

Identity crises 2

This is not a setup picture! But a real life display I came across on my recent trip to Yala at the little shop called “Freedom Café” just outside the wild life booking office.

While at first glance it seems laughable I personally think it’s a great achievement for Wild Elephant. The reason I am saying so is I happened to speak to a guy who launched Red Bull in the local market. And he was saying that the money they put behind promotions was far more than the total turnover of the sales of the product for one year. This was due to the strong belief of Dietrich Mateschitz - the eccentric owner of Red Bull - that if the brand is looked after and nurtured the sales will automatically follow. Can you imagine any local entrepreneur taking up such a position? Not any one that I know for sure. So Wild Elephant was launched a couple of years back with a fraction of the 300 million bucks Red Bull puts behind its brand in Sri Lanka. Guess these guys are doing something right because the people of the shop seems that Wild Elephant is the second best energy drink to promote when Red Bull is not available. And this is not in the swanky restaurants or night clubs in Colombo.

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David Blacker said...

But you'll still find that Red Bull outsells Wild Elephant in SL. I find many manufacturers here to be sales-driven rather than brand-driven. Brands are only there to be blamed when sales fucks up.