Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drunk on good conversation... aka an unusual Friday evening

Well Friday evening usually for me means booze and bites. But this Friday I did something quite different which did not involve either of the above. And enjoyed myself thoroughly. It all started when I received an invitation from one of my wives friends to join a book club. I was quite apprehensive about it as I generally don't like mixing with strangers and feel uncomfortable if not in the company of like minded individuals. There were many times I thought I would bow out of it using some excuse related to work. But something at the back of my mind urged me to go. And I am so glad I did take the chance. It was a small intimate gathering of expats and locals. And we clicked beautifully it was as if I had found some long lost friends. There was lots of nice food as everyone had brought something though there was no alcohol. I could not take part in the discussion much as I was not in the loop of the book they had decided to read last time. There were three psychologists and one doctor in the group. The discussions were thought provoking and the exchange of opinions intriguing. In fact I can't wait till we meet again.
This is a loose knit group which is so informal there is even no name. I have given myself the task of developing a name for the gathering. The club is not only about books but it is also about poetry and movies and all things art and literature I guess. Colombo book club is apparently taken. I was thinking of Colombo Literature Society but in shorten form it would be CLITS and guess the connotations are definitely vulgar. Wonder what the shrinks would think of me?


Dee said...

clits? XD ahahahah! sounds like a shady book club SLASH swingers club! ;)

Anonymous said...

CLITS...that's great material for analysis....:-)
One shrink thinks that you should read the book that was discussed last week.