Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welding Wedamahattya??? Fact or Fiction?

The past few months I have been hearing some amazing stories about the miracle cures done by some of the local Ayurveda doctors. For instance my drivers mom had to have a couple of stents inserted into her heart and they could not afford the 700,000 bucks which was required for the treatment. So they went to a local veda mahattaya who gave her some medicines and a talisman to wear near the heart all of which cost just 12,500 bucks and she is hail and hearty and living a great life as I write this note.

But the best I have heard so far has been about this gentleman called the “Welding wedamahattaya” somewhere on the road to Anuradhapura. Yes it is not a typo Welding is his game but not with metal but bones. The story goes that his treatment can connect a bone together in less than two hours. But that it hurts so much that the patients are tied to benches and their mouths stuffed so they can’t scream out in pain. I have not met anyone who has undergone treatment from this person but two people who are known to me have friends who have. One guy was some one who was into martial arts and had broken his collar bone and had been back at practices the next day. The other guy had been someone who had broken his arm and had been fine the next day. Now I know this seems quite improbable but that is one of the reasons of putting up this post. Has anyone heard of this “Welding wedamahattaya” before? If so please do tell me more. But one thing what this and some of the other experiences I have heard has taught me is that we should never under estimate the power of local medicine and healing techniques.

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