Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cuts (scenes from a funeral)

Camera opens to white coffin being slid into the gaping open mouth of the furnace of the crematorium…. Strained voices sing “Jesus loves me this I know... for the bible tells me more…” some people look up in frustration wondering to themselves if jesus loved her so much would he have let an eight year old girl die?

Cut to driver asking his master if he can sneak into the funeral parlor so he can see the corpse of the little girl; for him it’s a great story to recite to everyone at home about the beautiful princess who lost her life.

Cut to former beauty queen putting her arm around her husband’s waist and leaning her head on her shoulder. He holds her close and comforts her. They know very well that the same situation could befall them next… and they are thankful that it has not happened so far.

Cut to smoke spewing out from the tall chimney of the crematorium

Cut to a relative seated on the ground looking up at the smoke emanating from the smoke stack and saying to herself “there she goes”

Cut to black….

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santhoshi said...

Dengue is such a killer..