Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who is the animal?

Remember a couple of weeks back there was a huge uproar about one of sri lanka's leading Blue chips trying to poison or shoot the stray dogs outside their offices down Vauxhall Street. Well actually it was a lie. A peon having a laugh with a lady who worked their. This unleashed a whole chain of events which lead to the chairman of this company fielding calls from the press and informing everyone how all this was a lie.
Wait! Before you close this page in exasperation let me tell you there is an ugly truth in the background to this sordid tale. That is why everyone believed that it was quite possible the businessman who is the single largest share holder of this company is quite capable of doing this. Because he has actually done this! Not once but twice before. Yes I am talking about good old HJ. The short little turd has actually got the stray dogs outside two of his companies killed by feeding them poison. When I heard this a couple of weeks back I was absolutely flabbergasted! Because according to Sri Lankan Law you cannot kill dogs at your whim and fancy. But then we know in our country the law is only for those who cannot afford to break it.
I did not have much respect for this man from day one anymay. This kind of act makes me question his species? Sadly to call him a dog would be disrespecting the dead.

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