Monday, November 9, 2009

A new appreciation for life.

When my blog got its second life I thought I should make a post at least once a day.

The main reason I did this was that I always found myself stuck for words when wanting to write something and thought this would be great discipline. And with time the drips of words would turn into a gigantic torrent and soon I would be submerged in a sea of words. A regular Stephen King.

Sadly that was not to be. I still feel like a constipated ass (pun intended) every time I sit and stare at this blank screen. However my efforts in blogging has brought in an additional benefit.

A new appreciation for life.

My days tend to be an endless whirl! One big blur. But now that I am thinking of things to write about I have become more conscious of what’s going on. I am beginning to appreciate the ups and downs of life far more than before.. Making mental notes of how I feel and emotions that flicker through my mind as I go about my day.

In fact I am taking time to sit back and smell the roses. And of course end up getting my fingers bloodied on the thorns. But it’s all good!

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ViceUnVersa said...

Next time you meet Udaya Aiya please ask him to narrate the story about JWT, Ranil and the Art Director. You must, afterwards you'll make the connection to your post.
Have a great weekend CJ!