Saturday, November 28, 2009

Want to loose a couple of kilos real fast?

I see lots of bloggers going through loads of pain trying to fight the battle of the bulge. Well let me share a secret which has been quite helpful to me. It is called low carb. The most extreme version of it which is known as Atkins. But you can customize it to what fits your requirements most.
But the basic of the low carb diet is that you cannot eat carbs or sugar. But you can eat things with natural fat and meats and fish and you can eat it in quantities which will fill you up. You dont have to watch your calories, Which is the best thing.
But when one talks about sugar it also means high sugar fruits which are mangos, bananas and stuff.
Now the first thing when you are trying to go low carb you realise that what little choice we have in our culture. For instance our diets revolve around starch based food.
You might think that it would also be hard to give up starches. But amazingly it is not as hard as one would imagine. I consider myself a "Buth Gulla" and thought I would find it difficult and for the first few days it was. But it was not as bad as I thought it would be.
Mainly because I felt tons better after shifting to low carb. No more feeling sleepy after meals. In fact you are full of energy and there are no more hunger pangs inbetween.
Though I did realise that I was feeling weak at the gym and was feeling a lack of energy. But now I have found the perfect balance. That is eat a load of carbs before workout. As I workout in the morning I have carbs for breakfast. And just a yoghurt cup of red rice with meats and veges for lunch and only meat and salad for dinner. And so far the going has been good.
A lot of people say loads of things about low carb but I found that it really helps me not only to loose weight but to give an overall sense of well being.


Dee said...

but is a lot of proteins good too? Eg- Aussies consume so much beef, but they have the highest rate of stomach related cancers :S

ViceUnVersa said...

Every evening send the jeep home with driver and walk home.
DD :)