Saturday, November 14, 2009

Degradation of a Hero!

I can't believe my eyes how the powers that be are treating the General Sarath Fonseka. This is giving me new insight into the minds of politicians. And I don't like what I am seeing.
How can the powers that be use some one and then spit him out as if he is a useless bone. When their very existence depended on the work he has carried out?
What really got to me is how Mad Mervin has organised a demonstration against the general on Friday. I call this impunity.
One of the few reasons Merv has not been shot like he deserves is because of the security which was brought about by the general.
I am sure the General knows what he is doing. But I fear the same fate awaits for him as Janaka Perera.
I am not a fan of the general. In fact it is quite the opposit. But I am grateful for what he did. I am greatful that now I am not tense till my children get home from school every day. That I don't have to heave a sigh of relief everytime I leave the World Trade Center because it was not attacked.
Infact I think it is laughable that in his letter of resignation he has spoken about Media freedom when all of us know he was one of the people who was instrumental in supressing the media. But then I realized we don't live in a democracy anymore. Infact I think we should call it a hypocracy.

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