Monday, September 14, 2015

Kumare – Unveiling the truth through a lie.

I always wondered what it would be like to be a guru.
Would it help you to get laid more? Would people believe you? Would the follow you?
It seems I am not alone. But this guy – Vikram Ghandi – actually put the thoughts into action.
He disguised himself as a Guru. Being a boy who has grown up in New Jersey it would have been quite a difficult act for him to put off. But he succeeded.
I can’t remember how I came across they documentary Kumare. But in all probability it was through my fb feed. Anyway once I started watching Kumare I could not stop.
I first thought this would be an exceedingly funny comedy. In the same ilk of “The Dictator” and “The Guru”. Watching the trailer of this documentary gives you that idea.
However it is quite far from the truth.
In fact this is quite a serious documentary with some extremely funny bits and quite an emotional ending.
Since Vikram has been in the communication business I found it more appealing and relevant to me.
But anyways it is well worth watching if you can spare 90 minutes of your time. If you can’t at least see the TED talk he gave.
I learnt something. Maybe you might too.

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