Thursday, July 9, 2015

The mother of all food promotions!

Prawn Tempura? Check
Prawn in Thai style Red Curry? Check
Ginger Style Prawns? Check
Fried Modha? Check
Tamarind Cuttle Fish? Check
Hot Butter Cuttle Fish? Check
Crab Singapore style? Check
Crab Curry? Check
Rice? Check.
Veges? Check
Dessert? Fresh fruit or Chocolate mud cake? Check
Cheque please?  
And then I fainted....
A rational thinker would think this is because the cost was sky high. The truth is completely the opposite. After eating so much the bill was only 2000/- Net.

Ladies and Gentleman fellow foodies and gormandizers welcome to the mother of all food promotions. The All you can eat sea food promotion which is happening at the Ocean Kingsbury right now for lunch on weekdays. And when they say all you can eat they seriously mean all you can eat. They have a selection of sea food which includes Fish, Calamari, Prawn and Crab. You order any amount, in any preparation you want and they make it then and there for you and serve it to your plate with rice, veges and a dessert to boot as well for the all inclusive sum of two thousand rupees. This is going to be my new favorite haunt for a while.

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