Monday, November 26, 2012

What is your love language?

In fact I did not know that love had a language or that love spoke till I heard of this theory by Dr. Gary Chapman which is outlined in his book “The 5 love languages”.  It was such an illuminating theory I thought I should share it on here. The 5 love languages are:
1     1. Quality Time
2     2. Words of affirmation
3     3.Acts of service
4     4 Gifts
5     5. Physical Touch
Now the biggest obstacle to healthy relationships is when two people speak different love languages. To someone spending time with the significant other could be considered as love but sadly if to the partner love means acts of service then it is a recipe for disaster. And one could visualize a scene where he says “but how can you say I don’t care for you when I spent  all day with you?” and she says “yes but you sat there and did nothing”. Don’t you think it would be a wise thing to look at what love language our loved ones understand most. I sure am going to do so. I just wish I had heard of this many years ago things would have definitely been a helluva lot better than they are now.


cadence said...

so true :) C and I have different lingos and I only figured it out properly after getting married. When ur dating things sort of go unnoticed coz ur not with each other ALL THE TIME. Very different when ur married. Luckily we've identified, accepted it and moved on. Its like ur own little secret, only the two of u know the signals :)

Anonymous said...

Dr maya cocker am talks on this at her parenting classes

Anonymous said...


musingsfromtheashes said...

This is such an eye opener. I know that Baba and I have different lingos but I thought that was just because! Thank you CJ! :)

sian123h said...

I totally agree, and have only recently realised that this does not mean he doesn't love me, he just expresses it differently.

sian123h said...
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