Saturday, November 24, 2012

InfatuaTED! delighTED! FascinaTED!

I cannot believe that I had not discovered the wonders of till now. I have found a mother lode of information and inspiration at this site. Just in case there are a few people out there like me who does not know what this site is yet let me just give a brief description. TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. They feature an amazing variety of short (roughly 15- 20 minutes) presentations by a variety of experts. For instance this particular video which I post below is number one currently and I think it is something all of us could learn from.
I have found ted to be a great way to spend the little gaps of time some time life throws at you. Because I am being educated whilst being entertained. Now who could ask for more?

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Anonymous said...

Check out a Sri Lankan TED fellow, Sanjana Hattotuwa.

Although I don't necessarily agree with all his opinions, I'm proud to be a fellow Sri Lankan to him.