Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thinking the world is “JUST” can fuck us up!

I just got off the phone with a friend after an interesting conversation which has to be shared.
What she was saying is that people think that the world is just and fair. In other words good happens to those who do good and bad to those who do bad.
For instance if someone who is kind and generous and known for sharing his money wins a lottery everyone would say good for him he deserves it. On the flip side if a girl wearing revealing clothes, has a reputation for being drunk and walking around the street in the middle of the night gets mugged they would say she deserves it too. Somehow these values have been ingrained into our belief system and it can’t be erased out of our system.
But this messes us up in the long run. For instance if something bad happens to a normal human being they would decode it in their mind as it only happened because they are bad. This in the end leads to lots of guilt which that person carries around for years and years affecting their entire future and relationships as well. You can easily see this in kids who are abused in their young days they always think it is their fault.  
Interesting isn’t it? 

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Angel said...

Hmmm... I seem to remember that this is a psychology/sociology theory... the attribution theory I think...

With kids it's slightly different because they are naturally self centered. For example a small child may think "I am sleepy, so it is getting dark". This is what makes it so important to be careful around them, because when things go wrong, they think it's their fault!