Friday, November 18, 2011

A nice touch by the Bavarian

As is my usual Friday routine my mates and I were ensconced in the dark bowels of the German Restaurant for a long lunch over one or two cold beers after a long hard week at work. Sadly beer for me was out of the question as I was suffering from a terrible sore throat. But the Brandy was as delightful thank you. Today the service was more outstanding than usual. And the food was heavenly. At the end of the meal when we were being served drinking water the waiter who had noticed that I was suffering from a cold had made sure I had a glass of warm water while the others were given cold water. Somehow this little gesture really touched me not only to write a post on here but also to write to the owner of the establishment and compliment him on the manner his staff treated/delighted customers. I know it is a very small gesture but I thought it showed that he was being really attentive to his client’s needs. And somehow this little act of thoughtfulness really made me feel warm and mushy inside. And of course go there even more often than before. Way to go Bavarian as one of my fellow Diners said “This is what you call service”!

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crystal flame said...

It's really good to see that great customer service still exists :)
GR ftw!