Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Confused’s Existential Anxiety

“I should be happy” says confused looking at me. “In fact I should be overjoyed”.

"I am living the life what most others dream about".

"I have a beautiful family and kids in fact people consider us picture perfect".

"I have a great job and career and I drive a nice vehicle".

"I  may not be a billionaire but I am financially comfortable. Sure I can always use more money but I don’t have to think twice about spending money on something".

"But yet I feel empty. I feel sad. I feel I am missing something".

"But I don’t know what it is".

"It seems that I have spent my entire life making other people happy I don’t know what makes ME happy any more".

"I provide care for so many people but I can’t seem to provide the required level of care for that person I care about the most".

"I have everything yet it seems I have nothing".


GG said...

Happiness comes from within....
No material possessions can do it for you, although it is much comfortable to cry inside a Mercedes Benz than on a bicycle.
I think you need to dig deep inside your heart and contemplate what makes you happy, what would bring purpose to your life, and pursue that.

cj said...

I couldn't agree with you more GG! You know I was about to write that thing about being far more easier to cry in a Mercedes Benz... and decided not to do so cos it would break the tone of this train of thought. I just wish there was a book or manual which can help someone to dig deep into their heart and find out what they want. If you do find me one do let me know

cough said...

This "anxiety" talking, completely interesting..lets got mercedez..

natural remedies for anxiety said...

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