Monday, July 18, 2011

Another wonderful Read – Opening the door of your heart – Ajahn Brahm

Inspiration? Check.

Illumination? Check

Philosophical? Check

But Humor that would have you rolling in fits of laughter??? No way!!!

In fact that’s the last thing you would expect from a book whose description reads…and other Buddhist tales of Happiness.

But that’s exactly what I found this book to be full of humor and happiness and inspiration. Even though it is an unlikely combination.

The book is full of little short stories written in an easy to read manner. Not the holier than thou art pompousness I was expecting. But to me all the stories were extremely thought provoking and eye openers.

For instance he talks about the difference between true love and romantic love. What he says (in a nutshell) is if you really love someone truly then picture that person falling in love with your best friend and starting a new life together. He says you should feel happy for them instead of feeling jealous or sad. There is one particular story which I have not heard before about how Thailand managed to handle their insurgency problem with love and compassion instead of violence. I think it deserves a special post of its own. I am just one third of the way through the book and quite in awe of the depth of knowledge and wisdom contained within the pages.

Ajahn Brahmavamso who started life as a LondonerPeter Betts is a pupil of the famous Ajahn Chah the thai priest who is considered a prophet.

I am told he visits Sri Lanka quite often and I can’t wait to go and see him preach the next time he comes down.


Angel said...

I'm a great fan of Ajahn Brahm, both of his discourses and of his books. I would particularly like to recommend "Who ordered this truck load of dung?" which has a few of the stories mentioned in your read, plus some new ones.

There are quite a few good youtube videos as well..

Happy reading!

Dee said...

Mum and I went to his preaching once at BMICH. was so packed that we had to sit on the steps! But wonderful really, he makes it so very simple! <3