Sunday, March 2, 2014

A tribute to my Galaxy Note II

It has been more than a year since I ditched my Blackberry and switched to a note. It seems to be one of the best decisions I have made. I have been bullied, laughed at – “are you carrying a hand bag?” - made fun of because of the size of my Samsung Note II. But the large size of the screen is one of its best features. Firstly it means that I don’t have to carry a phone as well as a tab which I hate. Over the past few months my Galaxy Note II has become my constant companion. I read books on it. I write on it. I (badly) draw on it. I use it to record what I eat. I watch movies on it and it is my primary mode of video chatting with my overseas friends. In fact the only thing I can think of which it can’t do is to get laid on it.
I just thought for the benefit of every one reading this post that I will post some of the apps I find highly useful which are not part of the popular apps such as YouTube, Facebook and TED. Just in case that you might not have heard of it and find it helpful
The first app I use a lot is a very simple easy to use task manager called

Also I found this amazingly useful app called my diet journal. I use it to keep a food journal as well as record my exercise regime. It also helps you to track your weight and other vitals stats which you keep on record by generating graphs.

And finally an app called flava which I use to maintain a diary and journal documenting my thoughts and inspirations. It has an interesting timeline where your entries are featured and gives you the option of adding a few pictures as well as songs and video to enhance your writing experience. The best news is you can access flava across all platforms be it phone tab or PC. And the advantage is you can access your Journal via the web through all platforms be it phone tab or PC. I find this flexibility highly useful. The downside is that you get a maximum storage capacity of 300MB on their servers. And one day you are bound to run out of space if you keep writing in a fast and furious manner.

The only negative about my Galaxy Note II I have is that with me using so many apps on my phone the battery sometimes runs out in two to three hours. Now I always make it a point to religiously close all apps which I have opened every time I stop using the phone. It is difficult at first but if you keep at it consistently then you can make a habit out of it. Combining this with a battery life saver called 2x I have managed to double the battery life of my phone which is a huge relief.
The short life of the battery is not a huge issue since I generally travel with a standby battery as well as have chargers within arms reach be it my office, my vehicle or my home. But it does become a problem when travelling abroad or sometimes when you have to travel with someone else. I cannot wait for the day till someone invents a longer lasting lithium iron battery for mobiles.

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