Thursday, May 1, 2014

An Avalanche of excellent service at the Grand Hyatt Singapore

 I am not exaggerating when I say so.
Being hit by an Avalanche of excellent service is exactly how I would summarize my recent experience at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. It made me feel so glad that I chose this property over the others in spite of a few negative reviews that appeared on Trip Advisor.
The entire hotel abuzz with energy and professionalism.
I was greeted by a smart young lady with an ipad who started my check in process the moment I stepped out of my taxi. Nice touch by the way. What truly amazed me was that this level of excellence was visible at all levels of staff I encountered. From the people behind the reception counter to the people who were serving in the restaurants; even the bellboys and the staff that clean the room was full of exuberance and enthusiasm. Being in the service industry myself I know how difficult it is to maintain such standards and I raise my hat in respect for those responsible for making this possible.
I found the rooms absolutely comfortable and spacious. What I really appreciated were the strategically placed power sockets –both square pin and round pin - near the bed as well as on the desk ensuring that I could plug my laptop as well as charge my phone without a problem. Trust me when I say it can be a huge problem sometimes.
The bath room was delightful. Firstly it was large and roomy with separate bath AND a separate rain shower cubicle with excellent water pressure making your shower experience absolutely relaxing. The amenities provided were of good quality as well.
Also I found the food at the Grand Hyatt Singapore excellent. The spread at the breakfast buffet was breathtaking. There is Western Chinese and Indian plus a fresh fruit and vege juice section as well. I also loved the fact that they served proper espresso coffee instead of the filter coffee which is served in most of the other hotels I have been to. What’s more they are also nice enough to give you a take away cup of coffee if you want it. In fact the food was so good most of my meals were ordered via room service as I thought it was a wiser option than going out to eat. 
I also spent a lot of time in 10 Scots which is a lovely and cozy meeting place combining the warmth and atmosphere of a coffee shop and a wine bar. The best news of all is that the wine was excellent – in fact it was the best that I had ever had. I am not a wine connoisseur all I did was order a glass of the cheapest that was available.  
In addition to all the comforts of the hotel an additional plus is its location. It is in the heart of Orchard Street and just minutes away from the better known malls.
My entire stay at the hotel was excellent however there was one inconvenience I faced which was that they were not flexible in giving me an early check in. Even though I was willing to pay for the privilege. Which meant I had to pay for one full extra day to be able to check in to the room 4 hours earlier which is an absolute waste of money. Oops and I forgot to mention I looked all over but could not find the thermostat to control the air conditioner. :)
This is a review which I did on tripadvisor which I am putting up on here so it is not exactly a blog post propper :)

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How much did this level of service cost you?