Monday, February 17, 2014

Talking in tongues that help you to sleep…

I was always envious of those people who could talk in tongues. It seemed as if they were enjoying a trip on a bus I could not seem to hop on. And believe me I have tried.
“Talking in tongues”? What on earth is it you might ask?
It is a state of religious bliss when a person is united with god and communicating with him in his own language arms out cast head held high as torrents of words which are completely meaningless gush out of their lips. You can see this kind of thing a lot in Charismatic Christian Churches. Like the one I go to. In fact I was exposed to talking in tongues so many times I thought this kind of behavior was exclusively limited to Christian circles.
That all changed when I came across this article on this site. If you checked the link out you would realize it is far from espousing Christian values. I must confess that I follow this site because I find the articles absolutely useful.
In a nutshell it said you can relax yourself to sleep after a stressful day by teaching yourself to talk in tongues. There is no magic to it just start by saying “La, La La” and let your mind take over unconsciously. It would seem difficult as first but you will easily slip into it after a few tries. Lo and behold I tried and I succeeded. Well not like some of the people I have seen in the churches but enough to be impressed by my own ability. And the truth is it does seem to have a positive effect on my sleep as I seem to fall into a deeper than usual sleep and wake up feeling far more refreshed.

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