Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daddy Taxi

One of the privileges of being a dad to me is to be able to drive your kids around. Not around the bend – which I tend to do sometimes according to them - but around town from one activity to another. Of course I disguise the fact that I enjoy this task very much as otherwise I will not have a moments peace. But I do enjoy the alone time I have with my girls in the vehicle. Sometimes it is the only quality time we spend together. True we spend a lot of time on weekends at home but each of us are up to our own devices on our own devices in our own little spaces it seems that we hardly interact with one another at all. These days the school sports meet has begun and it really tests the daddy taxi service’s efficiency as well as its patience to the hilt as sometimes it involves 3-4 trips to school. But this taxi driver is smiling instead of frowning. Well at least most of the time.

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Dili J said...

I am sure your daughters must be feeling the same since I still enjoy been driven to work by my dad even though I have my own car. Some time we sit in silence,mostly we talk about random things, both of us screaming at idiotic drivers at the same tone and how we complain about mom. Daddy time spent in the car is the best :}