Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rock on!

Well this little article has nothing to do with rock music at all. I just thought it was an intriguing title to seduce readers into an otherwise boring subject about shower stall flooring. Well I just changed mine from the normal tiles to natural stone (or Kalu Gal) with the uncut (rough) surface. What I could not believe is the impact it had on my – for the lack of a better word – showering experience. It was a complete transformation which has to be experienced to believe. The fact that your feet are on natural stone makes your shower as refreshing as bathing from a spout or under a water fall. Isn’t the power of nature amazing?


santhoshi said...

U think so? Thanks for the insight maybe if we do re-do will do same. Where can we get it from? Is it easy to clean? would it make sense to have the whole toiled in natural stone for the flooring?

ok so many questions!! i ll stop

cj said...

Hi Santhoshi it would be definitely more difficult to clean than conventional tiles. Because of the rough surface. Guess that is also a good reason why not to use it on the entire floor. It is also the same reason why we have kept such a wide border around each square. Ideally you should use the 6 X 6 tile. It can be bought in any store which deals in natural granite. You can find them aplenty down the Nugegoda Nawala Road. By the way I copied this from the shower stall of Maalu Maalu.

santhoshi said...

Thanks CJ very helpful