Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good Restaurant(s) but Really Bad Situation:

Well I was out with some friends the other day and as we are all foodies the conversation got around to food. And of course somewhere down the line the discussion led to how unhygienic some of the so called “posh” restaurants were. Here are three horror stories which I wanted to share.
Gallery Café. Even though I have not had a proper meal there for a long time I step in frequently for coffee and dessert. Well it seems that there was a cockroach in the meal my friends parents were served there once. But what is worse is when they pointed it out to the chef and the manager they had been quite rude about it and even suggested that the cockroach had somehow flown over the wall and landed into the food.
A lady who was eating Salad at the Hilton nearly swallowed a worm with a forkful of rocket lettuce she was about to swallow. Fortunately someone saw the worm dangling and decided to stop her.
And finally I heard from a highly trust worthy source the gelato ice cream parlor at Odel was inspected by the CMC and they found the ice cream contaminated with the e-coli virus.
Well guess it seems that it is not only the cheap things which are no good in these so called Fine Dining restaurants. So be careful very very careful. Apparently the only hygienic and clean kitchen in Sri Lanka is supposed to be at the Airforce mess in thunmulla. 


Angel said...

Ummm... I don't think it could have been Ebola virus as that is a class 4 containment disease which would have meant the CMC would have to shut down ODEL and decontaminate the place while isolating all the workers etc. It was probably E.coli, a bacteria (of feacal origin) that is frequently found when dirty water is used to prepare food and dairy products.

Bottom line though, is "eeeeuw".

I once attended a presentation done by the Chief Medical Officer of the CMC where he showed photos of 5 star hotel kitchens which made all of us gag!

Can't beat home cooked food!

ච.ගු said...

Good post CJ.. nothing beats moms food :)

BTW: that would be e-coli .. since Ebola is one bad-ass virus that turns your innards to liquid while you are still alive !!! and CMC will not know Ebola even if it comes and knocks on CMC's front door :)

cj said...

H Angel and Chagu you are both right it was not Ebola but Ecoli. How stupid of me. But thank you for pointing it out to me. I really appreciate it.