Saturday, December 10, 2011

PnS version of lampries.

Some of you purists out there are going to call me foul names and the connoisseurs of this fine food are going to damn me into eternal suffering in hell when they realize that this is actually a complimentary post instead of a critical one.  But do bear with me.
Firstly to call this packet a lampries –just because it is wrapped in a banana leaf – is an insult. It is like calling someone a mechanic because he is dressed in overalls or thinking someone is a doctor because he is wearing a white lab coat and carrying a stethoscope. But you cannot ask for it by any other name than lampries which ever outlet of Perera and Sons you decide to step into. Whilst it is not the authentic lampries like one would find at DBU and Green cabin I love what the guys have done. It is my kind of lampries. The “kana bona” mans lampries to say so in another way. To me it has all the goodness of a lampries plus more.
The first positive thing I noticed is that it is not tiny.  I feel full after consuming one. Also it has a decent sized piece of roast chicken, an egg as well quite a hot lunu thel dala added to it so it is quite spicy which is great for me. All in all I loved eating my PnS version of lampries and applaud them for having the guts to change it to suit our local palate instead of hiding behind authenticity. Well done gentlemen!


David Blacker said...


crystal flame said...

doesn't look appetizing at all :S. Green Cabin almost never fails.. what's DBU?

cj said...

@Crystal Flame sorry to respond to your comment so late. You are right the picture looks shite partly due to the bad quality of my phone camera. I have tried Green Cabin myself but it does not endear itself to my taste buds. However have you tried the FAB lampries. That's pretty darn good too. DBU is for Dutch Burgher Union at the Thunmulla round about. They have a little restaurant which sells lampries too! Made to an authentic recipe. I personally don't care for it. However the restaurant boasts of some other goodies which are truly out of this world. Like the Beef Smore and home made ginger beer. You have to try it.