Sunday, May 22, 2011

The helpless and the powerful - a true story

Helpless sits alone twiddling her thumbs at the Mirihana police station.
The police enquiry was supposed to start at nine. But powerful had called the HQI on his mobile and postponed the meeting by an hour. Of course no one thought of informing helpless. After all she was someone powerless not worthy of consideration.
Powerful drives into the police station. Walks jauntily in to the main inspectors office. Scolds helpless in absolute raw filth right in front of the HQI and threatens her with death. The HQI smiles ingratiatingly and looks on. He does sweet nothing. Finally helpless leaves. Tears in her eyes. Her kids cringing in fear holding onto her arms. Tomorrow they have to go to Powerful's house and live with him till the weekend. They are scared that he will do them harm because he is angry with them. For wanting to be with their mom, For missing her. Just a couple of days before he had scolded them in raw filth and thrown their books and threatened to kill their pet dog because they had spoken to her on the phone. She is scared for their well being too. Will he hit them just like he used to hit me? Give them to eat properly? But she is powerless, peniless and quite literally helpless. She says to herself "I tried to protect my kids but only god can help them now"
This is a true story. Helpless was quite a well off individual who was married to powerful sometime back. Today, thanks to the manipulations of powerful she is left with absolutely nothing. Not even a sense of self respect. Powerful was once an international cricketer. His fame has reduced over time but he still remains powerful. Powerful enough to bend the laws to his advantage.
Sadly there is nothing anyone can do. Only God can help helpless.

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