Sunday, May 22, 2011

The gate crasher..

This happened to my wife. But it was so interesting and heart breaking in a way I thought it was worth writing about.
She was attending a get together dinner of a small group of people who had gone on a pilgrimage together. It was a simple dinner function held at a parrish hall where everyone new one another. However there was a stranger amongst them. She was an old lady quite conspicuous because she had a little girl on her lap and kids were not supposed to attend this function. Anyway she sat through the initial portion of the get together and once dinner was served fed herself and the child heartily. So much so they had to bring additional string hoppers from out side. Then helped herself to dessert and moved out. The beauty of this was non of the people who were present said anything to this lady to make her feel exposed or uncomfortable in anyway. They were kind enough to allow her to enjoy a simple meal in peace.
Because they all realized that she would have been desparately hungry to resort to something like this. And hunger is something which everyone can relate to.


Jack Point said...

I have heard another story like this, once at a company event and old man and his wife had come in and eaten from the buffet, someone had noticed and spoken to them.

The man had apologised and said it was his wife's birthday so they had asked them to carry on.

Angel said...

Awwww... bless the people who let them eat in peace. I remember I was at a post conference tea when an unfamiliar lady kept piling up her plate with shorteats and then going to a corner to surreptitiously tip the contents into her bag before going back for refills. Several people noticed but no one commented.

Hunger is a horrible thing, isn't it?