Saturday, May 21, 2011

A book I wish I had read ten years earlier…

In fact I can firmly say that I think if I had done so my marriage and relationships would have been in far better shape than it is now. I believe this book is essential reading material for any modern couple and anyone else who would like to see their relationships improve with those who are important to them.

This is written by the same guy who wrote “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. A book I thought was a real eye opener. Till I read it I did not know that men and women actually process emotions and react to situations completely opposite to one another. Guess it gives new credibility to the phrase the opposite sex.

It was with quite a lot of skepticism I bought this book thinking it would be the same shit in a different saucer. But it was definitely not. And I am really glad I bought it. It gives the reader an insight into how the trappings of modern life exert a huge amount of pressure on modern couples and relationships. I could clearly see some people I know going through the symptoms outlined in this book. And of course once you are aware of the problem you can find a solution to it. I have started using some of the techniques outlined in this book and can say with absolute confidence it has made a significant difference as well as contributed to improving my relationships all round.

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