Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terrible title - terrific movie.

If ever there was a movie title which actually made you NOT want to go for a movie then it has to be this: "Mars need moms"
When I called the theater to find out what kind of movie was on they pronounced moms in such a way I heard it like "Gnomes" and somehow my daughter said she had seen trailers of such a movie on cable. I could sense the excitement draining away as we discovered there was no Gnomes in the actual title. But since we were already there we decided to stay on. Mainly because we didn't have anything more interesting do during this time. And it turned out to be a good decision to have done so. I wonder if it was the low expectations we had but the movie turned out to be excellent. The graphic work was amazing and so was the storyline. So if you like cartoons like I do and the name "Moms need Mars" did not inspire you to make the effort to go see it then think again.

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